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A vase of tulips can look wonderful personally I love the way they find their own unique shapes and that they are never quite the same from one day to the next – a bit like the tulip elves have been in over night to dance on the stems moving and contorting them across the vase. There is an old tradition of putting a penny in the bottom of the vase or pricking each head with a pin to get the flowers to stand upright. However simply knowing the characteristics of the flower will make a difference to your displays

So why does this happen?

Tulips once cut will continue to grow – to keep them at the same height as of flowers in the vase simply take them out, trim the ends and pop them back in the vase. if they are in a tied design simply wiggle the flower at the top to locate the stem, pull the stem downwards in the design and give it a snip (do this gently though so the stem does not snap)

so why do they appear to droop and bend?

Tulips and geotropic and phototropic this means they are affected by gravity and light. They will try to up right themselves if they have been placed in a vase at angle or stored horizontally try to keep the stems as up right as possible. Also they will lean towards the light – having a good light source that is higher up than the design and rotating the vase each day will help to keep stems more upright. No absolute guarantees

Like all flowers Tulips dislike bacteria, refresh the water every couple of days and give the ends a little before replacing into fresh to get a better vase life from your blooms.

The mysteries of a tulip unveiled!!