Funerals are a chance to say a fond farewell to loved ones, reflect on the beauty of their lives on their passing. Valerie Jayne will create a design to fit with your reflections; creating something unique for each. 

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Simple chic. Tied Zantedeschia biodegradable – suitable for woodland burial
Lasting wreath. Succulent plants sunken into a moss based frame with mixed foliages.
Textured Spring Wreath. Created on a willow ring, design is biodegradable and suitable for a woodland burial.
Rose wreath
Rose posy
Dahlias on hand-made frame. biodegradable
Tall dahlias on handmade wreath frame
I dance……
Small spray roses and orchids
Small spray Lily and orchids
Woven heart
Natural cross biodegradable design
Rose coffin spray
Textures of flower
Autumn wreath
Textured heart image 2
Open heart
Single ended spray
Textured cushion
Willow wreath – suitable for woodland burial
Based design with floral spray
Heart shaped cushion
Autumn post
Autumn posy
Heart design
Single ended spray